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7th March 2024

More than 350 people in the security and logistics operation

The Sports Councillor of Cabildo de Tenerife, Yolanda Moliné, meets with representatives of the municipalities through which the race passes and the organizations that will collaborate in the upcoming edition of the event.

The Tenerife Bluetrail by UTMB®, which will take place from June 6th to 8th, will mobilize more than 350 people just in the security and logistics operation. This was announced today by the island's Sports Councilor, Yolanda Moliné, during the meeting held with about 40 representatives of the groups involved in the race to ensure its safety, as well as the seven municipalities through which the race passes.

The councilor, accompanied by the CEO of Ideco, Manolo Gómez, and the race director, Fernando Ordóñez, thanked the collaboration of the municipalities, Civil Guard, Traffic Civil Guard, CECOES 112, QRV, Mountain Rescue and Intervention Group of the Civil Guard, National Police, Mountain Federation, Cultural Association Pinolere, and Caminar Canarias, among others, as well as the Cabildo's Environmental Area.

"Without the support and involvement of all, it would be impossible to organize a race of the magnitude of the Tenerife Bluetrail by UTMB®," indicated the island's councilor, who recalled "the qualitative leap towards the internationalization of the race that we will take in this year's edition by joining the UTMB® World Series circuit, the most important in the world."

The Tenerife Bluetrail by UTMB®, organized by the Cabildo through the public company Ideco, will debut new routes in the next edition, which have had to be adapted after the serious fire that devastated the island's mountains last August.

Attendees at the meeting learned the details of the route for each of the 10 race modalities, the novelties of the upcoming edition, as well as various technical and organizational aspects necessary for the coordination of the race.


The Tenerife Bluetrail by UTMB® currently has a total of 2,385 registered participants from 51 countries, of which 22.5 percent are women. Some of the modalities are already nearing the participant limit, such as the 73K modality, for which there are less than 7% of free spots.

The race offers four race categories with which to earn Running Stones and access the most important mountain race in the specialty: the Dacia UTMB® Mont-Blanc, held at the end of August in Chamonix (France). Specifically, these are the Tenerife Bluetrail 110K/ 6,250m+ (100M category – 4 Running Stones); the Tenerife Bluetrail 73K / 3,150m+ (100K category – 3 Running Stones); the Tenerife Bluetrail 47K / 2,600m+ (50K category – 2 Running Stones); and the Tenerife Bluetrail 24K / 1,300m+ (20K category – 1 Running Stone).

To these races are added other modalities such as the Tenerife Bluetrail 47K Relay, a 47-kilometer relay race, and the Vertical Night Challenge, 3.5 kilometers, in addition to the children's and family modalities, and those reserved for people with disabilities (Challenge and Joëlettes).