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Mandatory Equipment

Choosing suitable equipment is a key factor to the success of your race. Be sure to test your kit and your equipment before the big day to avoid unwanted surprises.


Tenerife's gentle climate, with an average annual temperature of 23 ºC (73 ºF), has a lot to do with the trade winds. Although the Canary Islands are located close to the African continent, meaning Tenerife's climate should be hot and dry, the truth is that the Island reveals a curious contrast between the north and south. The side of the Island that is exposed to the trade winds has a more humid atmosphere, with more abundant rainfall inland and on the peaks.

The breathtaking blankets of cloud that form around Tenerife's highest summits are in fact a mass of clouds colliding with the mountainside as they reaches the Island from the north. The geographic relief and the cold ocean currents mean that, while the greenery on the north peaks is veiled in humidity, the weather on the coast stays mild, never reaching extreme temperatures. Moreover, the Island's unique orography gives rise to varying weather conditions in different areas on a same day.

Your equipment must be suitable for confronting all types of conditions and allow you to spend 24 hours outdoor, on the race route, depending on your speed of progress. In case of an incident, your equipment must also allow you to wait for the rescue team in sufficiently safe conditions.

You must carry the mandatory equipment with you during the whole race - from start to finish - or you will be penalized. Race stewards may check your equipment at any time during the race.

Don't forget that the equipment we request includes an essential list of basic items that each trail runner must adapt according to their own abilities. We highly recommend you to test it during training sessions under different conditions and to carry everything you need with you.