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A dual challenge


47 KM

Elevation Gain

2600 M+

Start Date

Saturday 8th June 2024

Race Start

PINOLERE - 08:00

Max Allowed Race Time

11 Hours 30 Minutes

The strength of the team

For the first runner, the adventure begins in Pinolere Ethnographic Park, in the heights of the municipality of La Orotava. They must run 22.5 kilometres through amazing forests of lauressilva and pine groves.

The second runner will take over in the Chanajiga Recreational Area (Los Realejos). 24.5 magical kilometres await them in an initial part with the ascent to the iconic Asomadero, a sheer wall of more than 600 metres in just over 2 kilometres, which the participants in the other long-distance races will also have to overcome.

From there, all that remains is to look out to sea on the descent to the finish line in Puerto de la Cruz.

The strength of the team