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19th January 2024


The Sports Councilor, Yolanda Moliné, meets with representatives of trail and athletics clubs to explain the innovations of the upcoming edition of the race

The Council of Tenerife aims to involve trail and athletics clubs in the organization of the Tenerife Bluetrail by UTMB® so that they can contribute their expertise in various logistical or technical aspects.

The island's Sports Councilor, Yolanda Moliné, met with about thirty representatives of these clubs on Thursday, January 18, to inform them of the main novelties of the upcoming edition of the race, the highest mountain race in Spain organized by the Council through the public company Ideco.

During the meeting, which also had the attendance of Ideco's CEO, Manolo Gómez, and the race director, Fernando Ordóñez, Yolanda Moliné highlighted the increase in the quality of the race by integrating it into the UTMB® World Series, one of the most important trail running circuits in the world. "We have opted for internationalization to make the race even bigger because we are confident that it will generate more economic activity for the island, but without forgetting that it is a race that always takes into account the Canary Islands runners."

The Councilor detailed that the race already has more than 1,700 registered participants from 45 nationalities, "which gives an idea of the interest it arouses among runners worldwide." Another relevant piece of information that the Councilor explained is the increase in female participation, "which currently exceeds 21.2% of the total registered."

The participating clubs also learned about the new race routes, which had to be adapted after the severe fire that devastated the island's mountains last August. In this regard, the significant sensitivity that runners are showing to the recovery of the burned forests is noteworthy, as approximately 22% of participants have decided to donate funds for this cause, which will be managed through the Cabildo's Tenerife Renace initiative.

The meeting with the clubs is the first of many that the Council of Tenerife intends to have with the groups involved in the development of the race, such as volunteers, security personnel, or the municipalities through which the race passes, to gather opinions and receive contributions and suggestions.

The race, which will take place from June 6 to 8, offers four race categories to earn Running Stones and gain access to the most important mountain race in the specialty: the Dacia UTMB® Mont-Blanc, held at the end of August in Chamonix (France). Specifically, these are the Tenerife Bluetrail 110K/ 6,250m+ (category 100M – 4 Running Stones); Tenerife Bluetrail 73K / 3,150m+ (category 100K – 3 Running Stones); Tenerife Bluetrail 47K /2,600m+ (category 50K – 2 Running Stones); and Tenerife Bluetrail 24K / 1,300m+ (category 20K – 1 Running Stone).

Other modalities include the Tenerife Bluetrail 47K Relay, a 47-kilometer relay race, and the Vertical Night Challenge, a 3.5-kilometer race. Registrations for children's, family, and adapted races will open soon.

Registrations to experience the Tenerife Bluetrail by UTMB®, one of the only two races in Spain that are part of the world's most important trail running circuit, are still open on the race's website