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Woman in trail

For more women in trail running

At Tenerife Bluetrail by UTMB® we want to encourage the participation of women in long distance mountain races. We know that there are very few women who dare to undertake this adventure and we want to reverse this situation.

In our last edition, Tenerife Bluetrail had the participation of more than 2,000 runners, 756 from outside the island, coming from a total of 33 countries. Of all registered athletes, 21% were women, four points more than in the previous edition.

Woman in Trail is an initiative with a clear purpose: to encourage women to take part in this experience, because we know that they are more than capable of crossing the finish line of any distance.

To this end, we are creating a series of specific actions adapted and oriented to any woman who intends to start or improve her participation in long distance or trail running.

  • Communication and awareness-raising.
  • Facilitating and promoting the participation of women in trail running races.

These types of actions will become an essential part of our event, with the shared objective of making women's sport more visible and increasing the number of female runners.


UTMB strongly believes in equal rights and opportunities for all members of the trail-running community. We are in the process of building inclusion and diversity policies on gender, race, age, social class and more. We endeavour to grow and continue to evolve the sport and to make UTMB World Series welcoming for each athlete.